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FOSS4GUK 2018 Musings

A look back at FOSS4GUK 2018

Dan The whole event was great and I'm really glad I managed to go.  One person I was chatting to during one of the coffee breaks told me they were just so struck by what a friendly event it was compared to conferences they had attended - and I couldn't agree more! For me though, that manifested itself in the open and transparent way that the speakers and delegates shared their knowledge and expertise, with a real willingness to help others.  It really brings it home that the thing that is as amazing as the technology aspect of FOSS, is the real community of people who are working on it and with it.

In terms of talks and workshops (aside from all the fantastic Astun-led sessions 😊 which were great), other highlights for me were the sessions by Ross McDonald (@mixedbredie) and Tom Armitage (@MapNav_Tom), both of whom did great workshops and presentations around routing and cartographic visualisation; I used our QGIS in the Cloud environment for bot…

Using Fiddler to mock web responses

Introduction I recently had a need to debug an issue that a customer was having, but it seemed as though it was related to their data. I had two options, take a copy of their data and configuration files and set them up in my development environment, or find another way.
"The Other Way" What I really needed to be able to do was to return specific responses to certain requests, but allow other requests to go through unhindered, thus spoofing the client into believing I had the customer's data set up. That's when I remembered that Telerik Fiddler can be used as a proxy and has something called an AutoResponder which sounds like it could do what I wanted.
The way the AutoResponder works is by matching the URL with a known string, and then performing an action if it matches (see the AutoResponder documentation for more info). This could be as simple as returning the response from a file, setting a header, or performing a redirect. The benefit to this is th…