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FOSS4G UK Online 2020

So we're all locked down, to some degree or another, and our favourite FOSS4G conferences (due to be held this year in Calgary and Valmiera inter alia) are cancelled.... what to do? The OSGeo:UK committee, seeing a chance to organise a conference without having to worry about catering/ venues/ accommodation/ swag/ entertainment, decided to do what everyone else was doing and do it online! If you missed it, this is how it went.
In figures From the OSGeo wiki:
1,000 people registered600 or so attended on the day8 themes: 🗃️ Metadata, 🏛️ Platform, 🗺️ Mapping, 🚜 Land, 🌍 Earth Observation, 🛤️ Geospatial, 😷 Covid19, 🖥️ Geoserver3 streams: 🐦 Nightingale, 🛰️ Sentinel, ⛵ Mercator460 people online at the peak77 countries represented, 52% from outside the UK33 presentations, with 38 presenters95% of delegates rated the event very good or excellent47% made a donation to OSGeo or MapAction, raising around £2,500 in all2,500 views of recordings on the YouTube channel£200 expenses to pu…