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Improving project documentation with a codesprint

Background  At the end of November I was asked by Francois Prunayre at Titellus to help organise and manage a 3-day code-sprint with the aim of improving GeoNetwork documentation. Documentation can be problematic for projects, even open source, where the majority of the work is done by volunteers. Updating documentation is rarely a priority for developers, who are time-poor and have actual project issues to deal with, and efforts to widen the base of contributors so that others can help, also take time.

Back to the code-sprint This code-sprint was timed very well though, as it comes on the back of work being done to update GeoNetwork documentation as part of OSGeo's participation in Google's Season of Docs. This pairs a paid technical writer with an open source project for either three or six months, with the aim of seeing a rapid improvement in that project's documentation. I'm an admin and mentor for OSGeo on Season of Docs, so was well-placed to provide input to t…