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Portable GIS accepted as OSGeo Community Project

Portable GIS, the tool that Astun use for delivering training courses, has now been accepted as an official OSGeo Community Project.

What’s Portable GIS?
Portable GIS is a suite of open source GIS tools that can be run from a USB stick, directly in windows, without the need for installation or booting to a different operating system. It includes a full PostgreSQL database server, QGIS, Mapserver, Geoserver, Python, and a whole series of other packages, all accessible from a lightweight control panel. Basically everything you need to run an open source GIS stack, but portable and ready-configured!

It was developed originally as a personal project in 2008, and has matured into a popular tool for situations such as training and disaster recovery.

@archaeogeek#portablegis the only way to get #qgis running on this machine thanks from drc > attempt at postcard — Ant Scott (@antscott) May 11, 2014
It’s also very useful as a tool for demonstrating the open source…